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IT outsourcing and turnkey solutions for foreigners in Thailand

With our experiences more than 8 eight years working with foreigners who have businesses in Thailand, We fully understand that foreigners want same level of IT services that they get at home country. That's why we have created turnkey solutions that suite to your needs when you plan to open new business or already have business in Thailand with these unique services ...

  • Language boundary will be over with english speaking technicians and engineers.
  • Get clarified on everything we do with monthly report with detailed information inside.
  • Because time it money, We get you products and services faster than everyone else in Thailand with largest network of partners in Thailand and East Asia.
  • Co-operation with local vendors and other service providers such as ISP or carrier providers.
  • Privacy is our first priority to us. Any sensitive information related to your business will be kept secret and never disclose client information to any 3rd party.

IT is an vital part of today business. You need IT outsourcing that reliable, intelligent, flexible and the most important thing : someone that you can TRUST. Trust us like many multi-national companies do.