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IT Maintenance and Outsourcing Services

We offer high-quality maintenance and repair services at resonable prices convering all computing and networking fields. Several maintenace service levels and packages are specially designed to suite your business and budget.

  • Personal Computer Maintenance
  • Local Area Network Maintenance
  • Network Maintenance
  • Voice-over-IP Maintenance
  • Website and Content (include Streaming) Maintenance
  • User-designed, upon request.

You will get both direct and in-direct these benefits from us.

  • Service-minded computer technicians on-site. Backed by engineers for unexpected problems.
  • Multilevel pricing and packages to suite your needs.Thus , you can control your IT budget.
  • English and Swedish(svenska) speaking technician also available.
  • Lower your IT costs.
  • Making your organization more productive by focusing on your specialization not IT duty.

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