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Computer Crime Act
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Security and log analyzer appliance



According to the new computer crime laws that will be effective on 23rd of Auguest 2008, "Any entity that provides internet access to individuals or organisations must keep records of access for at least 90 days in secured place where logs shall not be altered." Lag to comply will be resulting in paying fine or imprisonment. 

In order to comply with this soon to be effective law, you need a complete off-the-self security and network analyzer box that do it all at affordable price. 

GPT reponds to the market quickly with launching of new series of security appliance, Security Express. Security Express does it all ranging from recording logs from any servers, any networking devices which generating records with syslog standard. The box itself allow only web access via web based control panel. Logs can be backed up and transfer away from the box only then they are hashed. Harddrive can not be moved and connected to any other machines.

Another alternative to our in-house log analyzer that we also recommend to customers is FortiAnalyzer, a product from Fortinet that work perfectly in conjunction with FortiGate firewall. More than 20 units that we have installed in just the first month after effective date of Computer Crime Act proving their popularity,robustness and ease of use backed by our team of engineer that will help you configure and the boxes at perfect settings. 

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