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VoIP Application


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Voice over IP

Enterprises and SMEs world wide are upgrading their telecommunications infrastructure to Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP to increase productivity and at the same time lower costs of long-distance calling.
Moreover, Users in the system will be enjoy with many benefits from VoIP Solutions such as unified messaging for email, voicemail, as well as advanced telophony features that enable them to easily control the calls.

Green Path Technologies Co.,LTD. focuses on fast-growing VoIP market and committed to provide you excellent VoIP services. No matter what kind of protocol (H.323, SIP, etc) and how complex of VoIP services you are going to implement. And of course, Cost of implementation is your choice ! We have numbers of hardware products from well-known networking companies to low-cost products for you to choose from. You made a choice whatever you want to.

Our VoIP solutions can :

  • Increase efficiency : with a single hardware (or even software), employee can access a broad range of call service and messaging service.Reduce costs : VoIP
  • solutions can reduce costs not only for long-distance calls but also costs of managing network
  • Enable future-proffing of networks : with industry-standard protocols such as SIP and MCGP you can be sure that your network is ready for the future.
  • High scalability : with logical control machanism of VoIP enabling network manager to add unlimited numbers of end users to the system regardless of where they are.
  • Streamline network administration : with centralized control and single-point of control, managing application, traffic and call will be easier than ever.

Because you have choices.

We have hardware from world class manufacturers like Cisco,SynMaster and Quintum. Alternatively,we also sell some OEM IP Phone and telephony card from trusted suppliers. You have choices to choose which one is best for you. We will be there to consult and answer no matter what your questions will be.