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The award winning HyperIP software delivers WAN Optimization for data replication, cloud storage, iSCSI replication, and other large IP storage and file transfer applications. Deploying HyperIP for replication, backup, recovery and data center migrations provides our partners and customers the confidence that their valuable information will be protected and moved on-time, every time.

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Moreover, many government agencies and multi-national enterprises rely on NetEx for WAN data transfer.Our experience working with global organizations and supporting best-in-class software and hardware partners enables us to accelerate and optimize industry-leading data replication applications from vendors such as EMC, NetApp, VMware, Veeam, HP LeftHand Networks, EqualLogic, and Data Domain. Customers needing to move or replicate vast amounts of critical information using their common Ethernet and TCP/IP networks over “unlimited distance” can trust NetEx to insure that they make the most effective use of their wide area network (WAN) bandwidth and meet their production time windows.


accelerates and optimizes the industry-leading data replication and file transfer applications by offering the following benefits

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accelerates and optimizes data replication over standard IP WANs


supports the following applications over standard IP networks


supports the following