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Voicent is a software company that provides a range of communication and customer engagement solutions for businesse


Voice Software from VoicENT

  • AutoReminder (Appointment Reminder by Phone) : An easy-to-use appointment scheduling and automatic telephone reminder software specially designed for medical practice and office professionals to keep customers’ appointment on time and reduce no-shows . Customers can confirm, reschedule appointment or even transfer to the office receptionist by pressing a touch tone key
  • Broadcast By Phone (Autodialer) : This automated dialing software is for reaching people by phone with personalized messages. It offers live call transfer feature by allowing using touch-tone key (press 1, press 2) options. This feature-rich and easy-to-use software is ideal for telephone notifications and communications; phone-tree campaign; business service reminders; and church, school events notifications and debt collection.
  • Agent Dialer (Predictive Dialer + Power Dialer) : An affordable predictive dialing software that can help you to increase productivity and to improve campaign bottom-line. When a live person answers the phone, it displays window screen pop up with recipient’s information. It can also automatically leaves voice messages on answering machine. The system can also record conversations
  • FlexPBX (Auto Receptionist) : FlexPBX offers features including auto attendant, call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting, music on hold, customize designed extensions, and much more. Flex PBX answers incoming calls like human receptionists. It processes and transfers calls to responsible parties. It is your virtual receptionist. It is ideal for small business and large business alike with limited resource handling incoming calls
  • IVR Studio (Interactive Voice Response System) : IVR Studio is an Interactive Voice Response system designed to deliver a high quality caller experience for any organization by simplifying business integration and increasing flexibility. IVR Studio ensures professional and interactive communication with your callers and quicker resolution of issues
  • Telephony CRM (Customer Information Management) : Telephony CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution specifically designed to manage all telephone interactions with customers. Voicent Telephony CRM enables you to create and maintain a clear picture of customers in order to be more productive and more profitable
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS) Plug-in : Text-to-Speech Plug-In supports SAPI based TTS engine in all languages. It is ideal for personalize your phone messages
  • Broadcast By Email : An bulk emailing software sends thousands of emails one by one with personalized message addressed to each recipient. Ideal for email marketing, customer communication, event notification, and email newsletter publishing. Even better, it handles bounced and unsubscribe emails automatically
  • Voicent Gateway : Open Voice XML standard development platform for your telephony program applications. Create your own inbound and outbound applications without low level telephony programming

For sales inquiry, please contact Mr. Korrakrit Kongkwanyong at 0815719872. He can also be reached by email at [email protected]