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Home Automation (Domotics)

Imagine a house that saves energy for you, surroundings are control for your comfort, lighting that dim when a film is played and security is every where. It may sound like a science-fiction dream to some but in reality it is now common for houses world wide.
Actually, it could say that every house is now has some degrees of automation already. You may have motion detector, remote control, dimmer switch. But they are not connected and only perform their own pre-programmed functions.


As the world gets more technologically advanced, new technology comes closer to our personal lives and “home” is no exception.

Sample Home Automation Applications

Home Automation (also called domotics) is the technology that enables us to control and manage home appliances, lighting and even ventilations and air-conditioning systems. They are connected and communicate using advanced mesh topology via radio frequency (RF). Thus, when an event occurs such as playing a film , lights begin to dim.

Sample Home Automation Applications

As the company that commit to open standards, GPT offers both products and solutions that support X10 and INSTEON to digitize your home. Services includes.

With centralized and uniquely designed graphic user interface on built-into-wall panel PC, control and manage every device will be a lot more easier. It can also be done remotely via Apple IPhone or any internet-enabled mobile devices.