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VoIP Application Examples & Case Studies

We will take a look at some projects we've implemented in the past few years. According to our company not to disclose customer information unless written permissions given, thus we use company A, B, C instead of using real customer name in the following examples.

Case Study #1 : Company A wants to save long distance calls among 14 branches nation wide. They already have traditional PBXs at some branches.

Case Study #2 : Company B wants to set up an outbound call center for telemarketing purpose. They prefer telephony devices from a well-known company.

Case Study #3 : Company C wants to receive calls from Bangkok metropolitan area which has prefix 02 and forward those calls to their call center in another province.

Case Study #4 : Company D wants to setup an inbound call center. Agents responsible for taking orders and pass the orders to appropriate departments.